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Church of the Good Shepherd Polish National Catholic Church

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Is God Calling You?

Does This Describe You?

I am in love with Jesus. I have a personal relationship with Jesus. I want what Jesus wants. The Lord's teachings and Truth are a real part of my everyday life.

I have zeal for the Faith. I love my Catholic faith and I am willing to devote myself to bringing it to others.

I am open to the will of God in my life. I believe that God has a plan for me. I truly want to discover and follow God's plan for my life. My own desires are secondary to God's desires for me.

I felt called to the priesthood, but not the celibate priesthood. I could not understand or accept the idea of marriage being an impediment to the priesthood or priesthood being an impediment to marriage.

I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to live out my Baptismal promises. I feel called to proclaim the Gospel and build God's Kingdom.

Prayer is part of my everyday life. Sometimes I find myself praying, talking to Jesus, and was not even aware that I was doing so. I read the Bible and take time for personal prayer.

I have a desire to be a priest or deacon. I see the priesthood or diaconate as a fulfilling life even though I know it involves personal sacrifice. I can imagine myself as a priest or deacon.

I am a believing, practicing member of the PNCC. I believe in the Truths taught by the Church. I go to Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days.

I have discussed the ministry with my family and they support my desire to pursue the active ministry as a priest or deacon.

I feel love and compassion for others. I want what is best for every person: to love Jesus, to live a holy life, and to go to heaven.

I believe in a life of service and actively serve others in my church and community.

I live a virtuous life. I know what is right and wrong according to the teaching of Jesus and his Church. I have developed a well formed conscience and follow it in my daily life. People I know would say that I am living a virtuous Christian life.

I have basic human goodness. I am generous and unselfish. I am kind and gentle with others.

I am able to make friends easily, and I enjoy being with people.

I have a good sense of humor. I am able to laugh at myself and with others.

I am physically, emotionally, and psychologically stable. I have the stability necessary to care for others.

I have self-control. I am courteous, punctual, and composed. I can control my anger. I have a healthy amount of personal discipline. I fulfill my personal responsibilities and duties towards myself, others, my country, and God.

I have stability in my lifestyle and in my relationships or marriage. I have a good interpersonal, scholastic, and employment history. I feel comfortable with myself and I am successful in my endeavors.

I have a healthy psycho-sexual orientation. I have a normal sexual attraction for adult females and this attraction is under the control of my will. I do not have any sexual addictions or aberrant sexual behaviors.

I am capable of college level study and perform well in school.

I take good care of myself. I maintain a neat appearance and proper hygiene.

I have good manners.

I communicate clearly and logically. I develop well formed and thought out ideas and can convey them to others.

I can accept failure. I do not quit when things get tough. My self-esteem remains healthy even when projects and endeavors do not succeed.

Others have told me that I would make a good priest or deacon. People in my life (priests, parishioners, family members) have suggested that I should think about the priesthood. Things keep happening that make me think I should become a priest.

If you feel God is calling you, and you want to answer that call, please contact Savonarola Theological Seminary of the PNCC:

Savonarola Theological Seminary of the Polish National Catholic Church
1031 Cedar Ave
Scranton, PA 18505


Office (570) 343-0100

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