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Church of the Good Shepherd Polish National Catholic Church

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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on at our church. Here are examples of the type of information we'll include.



Next Pierogi Sale - 

To be announced.


Committee members for 2014

Robert Swartz-Chairman
Michael Truszkowski-
Vice Chairman

John Kubricki-
Bernadette Truszkowski-Financial

Jerry Setta - Recording Secretary
Margaret Panasiewicz and Michael Truszkowski - Auditors

Agnes Lach, Carol Markowski, Alice Parulski, Barbara Swartz, Ed Vnuk,  Brenda Kubricki, Jane Mizerak, Charles James, Alvin Celmer, Joe and JoAnn Gelgot - Directors
 Helen Dinan, Ed Jazgier, - Honorary Directors
 Father Lucian, Margaret Panasiewicz -
Parish Tribunal
Alice Parulski, Agnes Lach, and alternate Carol Markowski -
Plymouth Seniorate Council Representatives
 Barbara Swartz, Carol Markowski - Nominating Committee



Our Aluminum Can collection is sill in operation, the income realized from this project is used to maintain our grass cutting equipment with gas, oil, and other items. Please drop off cans at the garage near the rectory.

Thank You!

             READ YOUR BIBLE

Christians read the Bible as a source of spiritual food.  There are various reading plans that make this discipline easier to follow.  Read at least a chapter a day.

4 BOOKMARKS.  You can keep 4 bookmarks in your Bible to give yourself a variety as you read through the entire collection of scriptures.  Put one bookmark in each of 4 areas:  the Old Testament, the Psalms, the Gospels, and the New Testament.  When you are ready to read, pick any of the four areas.

THE ONE YEAR BIBLE.  This is a book available in stores that already has readings scheduled for each day.  They are organized with some variety.  As you follow through, you finish the whole Bible in one year.

READ THROUGH.  You might keep a Bible with one bookmark that you use to keep track of readings from the front to the back, without skipping around at all.

KEEP A REGULAR TIME.  It might be when you go to bed.  It might be when you wake up.  It might be when you have lunch.  Make it a habit by doing it regularly.








Mass Intentions

Anyone wishing to have any special Mass intention or Memorial Prayers must contact Father at least seven days prior to the day they would like the prayer offered. this will ensure that proper arrangements are made and the listing is posted in the weekly bulletin. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pastoral Care at Home

Do you have family members who are sick, or otherwise unable to take part in Mass and sacraments? Please notify Father so that these parishioners may be ministered to. Thank you and God bless you.
Fr. Pawels contact number 283-2686

Church of the Good Shepherd PNCC * 269 East Main St. * Plymouth * PA * 18651